Luxurious Dressing Gowns By Kinnaird Ireland

A Warm Welcome To Kinnaird Ireland

2008 was the first time we sold our our dressing gowns online and we hope you like our online dressing gown store. The Kinnaird Ireland dressing gown store has been designed with our customers in mind and we have tried to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find the cotton dressing gown or bed jacket they are looking for. If however you do have any ideas on how we can improve our online store, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

We are adding more beautiful dressing gowns, robes, house coats and bed jackets on a regular basis, so make sure to visit our site regularly. All the items on this site are made from high quality custom made cotton chenille.

All the items here are high quality Kinnaird products, which do not fit into today's high street criteria of low quality mass production.

This site has been set up in response to customers saying that they would like to buy Kinnaird dressing gowns, bed jackets, lounge wear and nighties, but can no longer find them on the high street.

We welcome back our loyal customers and hope that our dressing gowns continue to satisfy them as they have done over the last hundred or so years. At the same time we hope to introduce new customers to our nightwear too.

We have only a few products on this website and it follows are ethos of quality not quantity. As time goes by we will add more products to this website, though never at the expense of quality.