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Super Soft Button Closure Dressing Gown

Super Soft Button Closure Dressing Gown


This super soft cotton chenille dressing gown is one of our all time favourites. A classic button front closure, designed to keep the wearer warm on those cold winter evenings or snug on those slightly chilly summer mornings.

The dressing gown features attractive cotton chenille detail at the collar and at the cuffs. The main body of the dressing gown is in a wide rib design chenille, which not only looks great but flatters the wearers silhouette.

This is available in the mink colour shown and the loganberry colour. Other colours are not available at the moment.

This has a length of 56 inches.

This item is approximately AUD$85/USD$85 including discount


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Fluffy Cotton Chenille Shawl Collar Dressin Gown

Fluffy Cotton Chenille Shawl Collar Dressin Gown


This gorgeous cotton chenille wrap over dressing gown is shown in moonshine blue.

We have made the body of the dressing gown in super soft cotton chenille and have made the collars, pockets, sleeves and belt in a wide ribe chenille contrast. This dressing gown has a wide with set in belt, which basically is part of the dressing gown and helps give the wearer a better shape when tied.

The length of this dressing gown is 56 inches.

This item is approximately AUD$100/USD$100


The colour shown is moonshine blue. This item is also available in loganberry too. To see a gown in loganberry
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Chenille Cloth Colour Card


Unsure About The Colours?

Different computer screen displays colours slighly differently, so in order to make sure our valued customer have the most accurate information to hand, we now offer chenille cloth cards. Should you wish to see the colours in person, these cards have small cuttings of each of the chenille colours available to buy on the website.

The colours included are moonshine blue, loganberry and mink.
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Dressing Gown - The Ten Best Dressing Gowns

Kinnaird Ireland  | Dressing Gown Resources |  Dressing Gown - The Ten Best Dressing Gowns

The Ten Best Dressing Gowns

We couldn't stop laughing when we saw this article and we had to share it with our customers. The power of large corporate PR machines over real quality and value is our opinion....

1 Harrods 499

A cashmere dressing gown isn't ever going to be a cheap option but it certainly is a luxurious one. Exclusively available to Harrods, this gloriously soft, half-lined robe is available in a range of colours from subtle to striking.

2 Paul Smith 89

Here's a classic gown for chaps who prefer a crisp cotton robe to a voluminous towelling one. It's just the thing to wear on Sunday mornings - or evenings - while working your way through a cup of coffee.

3 Shanghai Tang 210

A kimono is a chic way to hide a pair of less-than-glamorous pyjamas and this kingfisher blue version from Shanghai Tang, made from 100 per cent silk, is certainly showier than most sleepwear out there. If the colour is a little too bold, rest assured it's also available in white, black and navy.

4 Net-a-Porter 122

It might be the perfect dressing gown for LA ladies or Barbie girls but I can't help loving this hooded, sugar-pink robe from Juicy Couture. Team it with a flimsy negligee, and a pair of marabou mules for a true starlet look.

5 M&S 19.50

Marks and Spencer is a winner for no-nonsense nightwear. This black dressing gown might not look very exciting but, made from soft and cosy fleece, it is just the thing for icy winter mornings.

6 Gap 25

An incredibly well-priced dressing gown for men that is bound to be stolen by their girlfriends thanks to its length and general snugness. Gap also has a range of lightweight robes for women in its sleepwear collection.

7 Derek Rose 99.99

No one rivals Derek Rose when it comes to gorgeous pyjamas and dressing gowns. This modern take on the kimono is made from lightweight printed cotton and has a wide, obi-style belt. Guaranteed to impress, even if you're only taking the milk in.

8 Missoni 84

Covered with Missoni's distinctive stripes, this robe will brighten up dark mornings. It's towelling on one side and velour on the other so is very cosy. It's on offer at a reduced price - down from 120 - until the end of the year.

9 The White Company 35

Pretend that you're staying in a five-star hotel every day by buying a bright, white waffle robe from- where else - The White Company. One thing to bear in mind when buying is that they shrink a little on the first wash, so go up a size when ordering.

10 Toast 165

Made from silk and velvet, this robe is available in deep blue (pictured) or a dark chocolate brown. It's incredibly warm and tactile but be warned, it's dry clean only so dribble breakfast on it at your peril.

The Ten Best is edited by Rebecca Armstrong

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Kinnaird Ireland  | Dressing Gown Resources |  Dressing Gown - The Ten Best Dressing Gowns